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After a time away from the music business, Geoff made his comeback in early 2023.


His old mate and award-winning crime journalist and author, Mark Morri, wrote up Geoff's comeback story (READ THE FULL STORY HERE) and Geoff recorded 3 short demo movies and a series trailer.


Geoff explained, "Back in the day, we generally made demo tapes in studios or more often, on 4-track recorders. Then you'd get a professional photo and poster - and that was your marketing package."


"Things have changed, so in keeping with the times, I've made 3 movies, each being snippets of songs I recorded live in my living room, on my iPad. So these demos are not about audio or visual quality, they're all about showing who I am, and introducing the types of songs and gigs I'm able to perform."


Geoff's comeback phase is well and truly over, and some recent live clips are also available at Geoff's YouTube channel.

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