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Geoff Brieger, performing as Geoff B, is a seasoned musician with a career spanning several decades.


With a unique talent as a keyboard performer and piano man, combined with his powerful voice and wide-ranging repertoire, Geoff is able to play everything from cruisy covers to rowdy bar-room sing-alongs.


Geoff's musical career began in the late 1970's in bands and shows, and he worked tirelessly until the mid 90's, when he relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast.


In the late 80's, Geoff established himself as a solo artist and became one of Sydney's foremost and in-demand piano men, holding long-standing residencies at iconic establishments such as the "Bourbon & Beefsteak" in Kings Cross, "Jackson's on George" in the Rocks, and the "White Horse Hotel" in Surrey Hills.


Performing under the name Geoff Barry, he entertained audiences at literally thousands of professional gigs around Australia, mostly in Sydney and NSW country towns, with occasional stints in bands and on cruise ships.


After a time away from the music business, Geoff is once again dedicated to his craft as a musician and entertainer, with his performances focused on audience-participation.

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